Compact Cabinets

Our comprehensive range of UK designed and manufactured high performance X-ray screening cabinets have a fully enclosed X-Ray chamber and are designed to provide fast and accurate threat detection in environments where space is at a premium.
The systems are compact, have a small footprint and will fit in a corner, are mobile with a capability of redeployment in minutes. Widely used in building reception areas, hotels, museums and mailrooms they are simple and easy to use.
The systems are ideal for screening mail, parcels, courier deliveries and baggage, delivering superior imaging quality with intuitive user-friendly software.
Ergonomically designed, these cost effective systems can be operated by a single non dedicated user for a wide range of applications and environments. 
X-Vision™ software instantly delivers high quality X-Ray images with comprehensive imaging functions and powerful enhancement tools optimising quick and accurate detection, analysis and investigation. Customised features ensure that your optimal interface is automatically presented.