Border Security & Customs

Analysed Images provide operationally reliable and consistent screening capabilities in high volume rail, sea and border crossings environments where non-intrusive security inspection and screening for hazardous material contraband, drugs and weapons providing high throughput solutions with a priority to ensure a consistent flow of people and trade goods.

With a broad range of solutions and capabilities to scan people, baggage, parcels, vehicles for illegal shipments, arms, explosives, drugs and contraband in high volume environments minimising disruption and the cost of manual inspection.

Portable X-ray solutions can be rapidly and easily deployed both cabled and wireless with a single operator approach to assess unattended baggage or suspicious objects.

Direct radiography generates extremely high quality images in seconds to a remote laptop or tablet.

Our cross platform X-Vision™ software platform instantly delivers high quality X-ray images with comprehensive imaging functions and powerful image enhancement tools optimising quick and accurate detection, analysis and investigation.