What we do

The Company pioneered multi-energy digital imaging in ultra-compact security X-ray systems and our ongoing commitment to research development and fast-to-market technology innovation enables us to continue to provide clients with leading-edge security solutions and scan image quality.

Our product range designed and manufactured in the UK includes a series of portable X-ray security screening systems which are at the forefront of today’s technology. Cabinet X-ray systems, free-standing conveyor systems and imaging software solutions cover a wide range of client applications including mailrooms, building security, threat detection, theft prevention, weapons and contraband identification, quality inspection and non-destructive inspection allowing our customers to operate at the highest levels of security, staff safety, health and safety compliance, risk assessment and security management. 

Specialist features include contemporary design, modularity facilitating cost effective customisation, intuitive software with touch-screen interfaces and remote networking capability.

We constantly engage in research and development to meet the current and future needs of our customers. Where appropriate we work alongside best-of-breed partners and suppliers of additional products and services to provide comprehensive integrated client solutions. 

In a highly competitive and ever-changing international marketplace, Analysed Images continues to demonstrate leading-edge know-how and cost-effective innovation with high-end X-ray systems built on contemporary technology platforms. We encompass the highest performance standards and expectations to achieve the individual requirements of customers enabling them to meet security challenges and protect their staff, customers and their business continuity.