Security & Business Continuity

In an environment of increased threat Analysed Images provides an industry unique and comprehensive range of solutions including cabinets, conveyors and portable X-ray systems to enhance and compliment commercial security and minimise the risk and costs of business interruption.

Front of house security in prime office buildings, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, museums, retail centres and associated car parks is increasingly essential to detect threats, to identify risk and provide security for staff and visitors.

Our popular discreet and rapidly redeployable cabinet systems operated in many instances in conjunction with either handheld or walk through metal detectors efficiently and cost effectively screen small baggage, parcels, mail and courier deliveries in many prestigious city centre premises.

Conveyor systems are ideal for higher volume public areas, loading docks, goods inward in commercial, retail and entertainment environments.

Portable X-ray solutions can be rapidly and easily deployed both cabled and wireless with a single operator approach to assess unattended baggage or suspicious objects.

Direct radiography generates extremely high quality images in seconds to a remote laptop or tablet.

Our cross platform X-Vision™ software platform instantly delivers high quality X-ray images with comprehensive imaging functions and powerful image enhancement tools optimising quick and accurate detection, analysis and investigation.