RPX™ ultraSCAN™ Portable X-ray System

Ultra - high resolution portable X-ray Imaging in an Instant

The ultraSCAN™ range of compact portable X-ray systems delivers ultra-high quality X-ray images from a thin digital panel within seconds of the operator’s first approach to the suspect object.

ultraSCAN™ is simple and easy to operate, is rapidly deployable and remotely controlled for safe operator inspection.

The complete ultraSCAN™ solution is highly configurable to suit a range of user applications. 

Your tailored ultraSCAN™ solution comprises a choice of:

  • ultraSCAN™ detector panel - varying sizes
  • portable X-ray source - pulsed and/or continuous
  • X-Vision™ software - notebook, tablet and/or pc
  • communication module - wired and/or wireless
  • portable carry-case options
  • accessories to suit your application