RPX™ ecoSCAN™ Portable X-ray System

Rugged and economical portable X-ray screening.

Our ecoSCAN™ range delivers class-leading imaging performance and compactness in a rugged portable X-ray imaging system using lens-coupled CCD technology.

ecoSCAN™ combines high quality, price-competitive DR imaging and compatibility with Golden Engineering’s X-ray sources using X-Vision™ image processing from a Windows™ laptop or tablet.

  • Class-leading spatial resolution and contrast sensitivity
  • Large-object scanning capability
  • Direct radiography, real-time images
  • Rapid deployment
  • Near-edge imaging
  • Compatible with Golden Engineering pulsed X-ray sources

The RPX™ EcoSCAN System Comprises 

Your choice of portable X-ray generator and your selected ecoSCAN™ module:

  • Rugged detector panel (range of sizes available)
  • Ruggerdised laptop or tablet with X-Vision™ (range available)
  • Rugged portable carry-case (range available)
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Selected options and accessories